Frenchie Health Problems

Health problems
The face wrinkles which make Frenchies so irresistible may need to be cleaned regularly to prevent infection.

This article has extensive information about the health problems of Frenchies. However, the following article will give you a summary of those health problems.

Brachycephalic dogs

Frenchies are Brachycephalic animals. Along with that come various health problems. Brachycephalic animals have “short muzzles, flat faces and condensed breathing systems.” The shorter breathing system in French Bulldogs makes it dangerous for your dog to have anesthesia, and also makes it dangerous for your Frenchie to be in the heat.

Stenotic Nares

Stenotic Nares mean constricted nostrils. This health problem occurs in Brachycephalic dogs exclusively. This birth defect causes nostrils to collapse, restricting air flow during breathing. As with most health problems, this condition varies in severity. Sometimes this condition requires surgery.

Hemivertebrae health problems

The Hemivertebrae condition occurs because Frenchies were bred to be a shorter, stockier breed. The symptoms of this health problem include scoliosis of the spine and problems with the discs in the back. Severe Hemivertebrae can constrict your Frenchie’s blood supply.

Eye health problems

Frenchies can have cherry eye, or folded third eyelid. This poses no great risk to its health, but is a deformity. Tear stains are common in many types of dogs, the French Bulldog included. If your Frenchie has very deep wrinkles under its eyes or anywhere on its face, they should be wiped regularly to prevent infection.

Breeding health problems

Most French Bulldog litters are delivered via Cesarian section. The slim hips of the breed prevent the female from giving birth natiurally. Also, many litters are conceived by artificial insemination.

What do these health problems mean for the owner?

Individually, these health problems may not make for a terribly high maintenance (or require and more maintenance than any other breed). However, it is imperative that a breeder take these health problems into account before using any particular dog to breed. A professional, responsible breeder will screen both the male and female for all of these health problems (and more) before breeding a litter. Any dogs with high occurrences of these health problems should not become a parent.

If you choose to purchase your Frenchie from a responsible, reputable breeder, you will have a lower chance of these health problems occurring in your dog.

Irresponsible puppy farms do not do a good job of screening for these health problems when they breed, and their puppies have a great chance of suffering from painful health problems. Do not encourage the breeding of French Bulldogs (or any breed) from puppy farms.

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