French Bulldog Temperament

It is important for any owner to research French Bulldog temperament before purchasing a Frenchie.

French Bulldog temperamentAs was discussed in the origin of the Frenchie, Frenchies were bred to be companion dogs. Like other companion dogs, Frenchies require close contact with humans. This breed enjoys a lot of interaction with people.

French Bulldogs have a sweet constitution. Frenchies are not known as incessant barkers, a definite perk to the French Bulldog temperament. They usually only bark to call attention to something specific.

If you’re looking for a very affectionate lapdog, this is the breed for you. Many French Bulldogs enjoy cuddling. Don’t be surprised if your Frenchie follows you onto the couch just to lay beside you for a nap. Frenchies are not active dogs by any stretch of the imagination, so they take many, many naps.

An answer to a common question about French Bulldog temperament: yes, French Bulldogs, especially the females, are very good with children. This breed also gets along fine with other breeds if proper care is taken in introducing the dogs to one another.

These dogs are extremely loyal to their owners, but they are not overly aggressive or defensive towards other humans. Does the French Bulldog temperament make it the perfect dog for you?

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